Thursday, November 14, 2013

a teenager is boy boy boy now what am i left with

I was so caught up in love it left me blind. but i am getting better. i got sick a while ago, bad bath salts.
but its okay now. they stopped talking so nothing bad is there and everything is good.

But we're going to a movie at the end of the month. im glad he still wants to be friends. cause after everything i fell so alone biut this is just the opportunity to love myself and grow independant. we're on a break but i dont knw if he'd want to be with me. i dot see anything great about me.
i've been too lazy to practice pixels which sucks
i dont really know what i want to do with my time. i waste it all but i am starting the learn program for my ged next week so everything will go well. i still have to make an appointment for my welfare worker, if only i could find the paper. oh wells
what else is new? my family visits until this friday i think we're on thursday so they leave tomorrow. then maybe im allowed to have justin over. which will be fun, maybe i'll have some money and we could do some shit. i dont want anything romantic im hung up over corey. but if he;'s looking for fun it'll be fun, nothing sexual i know my rules. i'd have to e dating the person, corey is the exception.
which sucks cause once he called me gross when the voices were so loud and tekllling me im the wrong person. it haunted me. now im on medication so im tbetter and they dont bother me.

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