Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ièm stupid, been lazy, been scared.
Tired of everything. full of hate since last summer.,
saw something scary and i thought breathing would get my friends in trouble. stupid right. then i became detached and distant. my friend tabitha really helped me and my friend munchies. i dont know where my boyfriend went. but then again i dont know something tells me he is in it just for sex he is 19 he needs his ride. there arepretty girls out there i am normal. i always love normal because normal is me. and i regret the lsd cuz after that corey said he wanted to marry me tho he proposed last summer too. i dont knnow if hes like
saved your lie
well i wouldnt have went through this stupid shit i would have fucking been fine ... gone go school
but no i had to focus on breathing and think that thinking was wrong because what if i remembered something and it put the wheel back into motion i dont know if my breathing and focus did anything i wish it did i just woke up and realised how stupid i have been how al;one i have been feeling
like and he is there but he wasnt and there must be....

at least i smile. but that is because i am on my way

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