Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 I made a sun :)
The sun was up and awake when I awoke :)
Had a nice coffee.
Then took a sneak peak into the bedroom >.<
nyaa he is so cute sleeping, I'd jump in... but there'd be no sleeping.
So I am condemmed to sitting out here,
Which isn't so bad. I was looking through the quilting bee free bees :) TOO CUTE
i can't wait to make orginazer patches so it'll look good.
Right now I'mma think about revamping the layout >.< It'd be boss if i could change bloggers layout to pixels.
Maybe next year I'll try to buy a domain >.< :)
but right now... nuuu! i'm still short >.<

also... title has nothing to do with what i am talking about -.- srry bout that

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